Message from president

In August 2011, EGS Co., Ltd. became an independent entity of L’OPERAIO K.K. specializing in automotive post-purchase services.
L’OPERAIO has experienced year-over-year growth and recognition for imported luxury car sales in Japan.
With L’OPERAIO’s 20 years of industry experience, we can say with confidence that we have the “know-how”, “know-what” and “know-why” in car sales and marketing. We are passionate about growing and improving the automobile industry and our industry understanding allows us to build stronger relationships between car dealerships and their customers.
With a proven track record of supporting over 4,000 stores and managing over 300,000 car warranties, we have become one of the leading enterprises in used car warranties in Japan.
We believe the automotive industry is a key component of Japan’s economy. By growing this industry, we believe we can fuel economies throughout Asia and the world.
As a leader in used car warranty service and sales, we will continue moving forward with the determination and awareness needed to fuel growth in the automotive industry.

President Kunio Saito


Company name EGS Co., Ltd.
Address Nihon Kaikan 5F, 18-6, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established August, 2011 (in operation since 2006)
car warranty
Executives President Kunio Saito
Major Shareholder Premium Group Co., Ltd.
Business Results Over 4,000 partner dealerships
Over 300,000 cars managed to date
Coverage for domestic cars within 15 years of age and up to 150,000km
Coverage for imported cars within 10 years of age and up to 100,000km


August 2006
Started as L’OPERAIO K.K.’s extended warranty service department
August 2011
Became independent of L’OPERAIO as L’OPERAIO SOLUTIONS
September 2015
Released “Support your car through your smartphone”, a smart phone app for end users in the Apple App Store and Google Play