This is the very Extended Car Warranty you demanded

Because we are EGS, we reassured your used car life.


We help car dealerships (warranty agents) increase their profits by selling post-purchase products and services.
Additionally, we offer our clients warranties for repairing used cars.
We have designed our service to best match the needs of car dealerships (numbering in over 4000 as of September 2016) through numerous consultations.
Our service is supported by our contact center, one of the largest specializing in used car warranties in Japan, which handles customer care operations.
In the future we plan to expand our service beyond car dealers to automotive inspection factories as well.


Our service is operated by forming partnerships with car dealers in Japan to jointly manage automobile repair warranties.
With over 4,000 partnered dealerships and 300,000 managed vehicles, we are among the automobile repair warranty leaders in Japan.